You are What You Believe


                                                   What Is Your Core Belief System?


   By Joan Jessalyn Cox ~ Excerpt from the Book Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ


Every person lives according to their own beliefs, while they live on this earth. They make their mark on everything they touch during their existence. They live according to what they take in through their five senses during their waking hours, every idea, opinion and form of communication that floods into their mind.


All people become what they have been influenced to believe in, whether it is right or wrong, good, or evil. If they live and breathe on earth, they will act upon that overindulgence of the mind, that dictates what they will become.


You are impacted by the beliefs, behavior, attitudes and actions of the people you meet every day.


When you can differentiate the difference between truth and error, through weighing an action or communication with the profound truth of the word of God, and are able to discern the difference, you are spiritually mature. You are allowing the Holy Spirit to empower you through spiritual discernment to see and understand truth from error, as taught in the scriptures.


The Christian's knowledge of the difference between truth and error, and good and evil, as discovered in the Holy Bible, is the foundation for your core belief system that determines the outcome of your whole life. The degree of how much truth you know, understand and accept of the precepts in the scriptures of God’s word is how sound you become in your faith. It is the means by how well your spiritual growth proceeds to fulfillment in spiritual maturity.


The strong, sound, depth of the truth of God's word, and the sincere, contrite prayers of the righteous are the life of the Holy Spirit flowing through the Christian. The truth a Christian learns, and how much of that truth becomes part of his way of living, is how it strengthens his spiritual conduct. His faith built up in truth makes him strong enough to face anything that afflicts him in this life.


Establishing his faith strengthens the believer who knows how much greater the life of God moving on their behalf is than anything they will confront in this life. They know their faith will sustain them, and they will believe the Lord when he says to them to fear nothing.


The Lord's holy love was brought to us through the sacrifice of the pure offering of the sinless lamb of God. Amazing grace brought us to Jesus Christ and keeps us safe, to bring us into eternal life.


Every person lives according to their own beliefs, while they live on this earth. They make their mark on everything they touch during their existence. They live according to what they take in through their five senses during their waking hours, every idea, opinion and form of communication that floods into their mind.


They become what they have been influenced to believe in, whether it is right or wrong, good or evil. They will act upon that overindulgence of the mind, that dictates what they will become, as long as they live and breathe on earth.


 Christians it's important for you to read the word of God. It's important that you drop the "gospel seeds" of truth into your heart and soul to combat the evil intrusion of the enemy of your soul. You can only grow in the "grace and knowledge" of the Lord Jesus Christ when you read the bible and pray to Jesus Christ.      


There are times when your environment should be prayerfully fumigated to reject the demon spirits. Meaning the indulgence of people who are purveyors of poisonous ideology, and destructive actions must be rejected, and prayer must be one’s direction instead of emotional aggression.


The flood of deterioration that precedes massive destruction in one's life is the time when the source of the problem must be confronted.


To alleviate the pain of living a miserable life, takes identifying those who counteract all the good you have desired in your life but haven’t achieved. That miserable lifestyle along with the poisonous people and chatter should be shunned and pushed away from you, to enable you to move on to a better place in your life.


When you begin the moral, mental and spiritual fall, it's that deteriorating lifestyle change that begins the avalanche of your failures in life.  It usually comes from the influence of those with whom you choose to associate. It will continue if  the old lifestyle habits continue to control your thinking and actions.

What happens when your understanding is clouded?


The muddled minds of the world places suspicion in the souls of people to produce doubt, and unbelief in the hearts of anyone who will listen to them. They spew out worthless utterances, especially about a Holy God they do not know! Suspicion in the soul produces doubt.


A person with doubt in his heart and mind is not convinced enough to express faith when the need for truth or a miracle is necessary to believe God’s words or works. That person is usually not well informed  with God's truth enough to know how to face a crisis in their life. They are doubtful of the past performances that have happened to prove the facts of the subject in question.


Doubt is to be uncertain or skeptical about or to be undecided about something. To doubt is to disbelieve; or distrust. To suspect; fear. To be undecided, unconvinced, or skeptical is a lack of conviction or certainty. A point about which one is uncertain or skeptical concerning an uncertain condition or state of affairs leads one to doubt.


“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.”   1 Corinthians 3:19



What happens when the eyes of your understanding are clouded with doubt? You begin to second guess all the truth you've known and the truth is no longer the firm foundation you once had. You are standing on shaky ground that can easily shake you up with each additional lie you are told.


People get on shaky ground in their faith when they are unproductive in only legalistic works of the flesh and mind. They vainly get caught up in their own works and mental ability to achieve what works alone can never achieve. When people try to do God’s work for Him in their human effort, the outcome remains pitifully weak.


Because when you leave God out of your life, or believe lies, it's no longer the leadership of the Holy Spirit, but the deception of unholy spirits, the demons of the mind that spawn doubt and unbelief in Jesus Christ.


That overwhelming miserable emotional cliff you fall over that shakes your very Christian foundations of faith; all starts with believing the twisting of God's profound words of truth. Wresting the word of God changes God's profound truth into error.


People cannot understand the profound truth of God, outside of God's own truth revealed to them by the pure truth of God's word. Manmade opinions will not and cannot bring you sound truth for a sound mind.


Evil in error is dangerous to your mental health. It is a trap that can only cause you to fail before it finally destroys you.


The ever-present opinions of people from the past, that echo in your mind the moment old memories are stirred up to disturb your confidence in yourself, are those that will haunt you for life, if allowed. When you internalize those mind hooks of the past you take them to heart, and it will cause doubt in yourself or doubt in the beliefs you have built your belief system on.


You begin to either test the negative mind chatter and second think your current thoughts or you continue to internalize those words that haunt your subconscious, within the back roads of your mind.


When you allow remembered thoughts of the past to rob you of the value you've come into, it takes you back to those frivolous words spoken without forethought, spat out and instantly forgotten. Those memories cause a troublesome irritation in your mind you never quite get over. All those chattering voices of the past return to once again trouble you with their untrustworthy nonsense.


When you allow your mind to dwell on painful things that happened or listen to the echo of harmful words in your memory, it’s like deepening the ruts in the road to the past and keeping old hurtful memories alive in your mind enough to hurt you repeatedly. When you trust the untrustworthy, it weakens you.


To get rid of the pain, you must push the harmful memories out of your mind, knowing that the past is over and you face the future with an improved outlook and a better way of life. Sincere prayer is the only sure way of getting rid of old memories and to find peace with your past.


You still have the memories, but you must forgive yourself if you are to overcome the problem, not to continue to be part of it. And you need to leave the past behind knowing it happened and you are making sure it is over and done with, and pray to forgive the person who caused your pain.


When you trust the trustworthy, it makes you strong.


“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.”  Proverbs 3:5


“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”     Psalms 118:8


“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”   Proverbs 3:5


If you trust someone you believe they are honest and dependable.


“The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.”     Proverbs 11:3


“The righteousness of the perfect shall direct his way: but the wicked shall fall by his own wickedness.”   Proverbs 11:5


If you distrust them, you believe they are dishonest, undependable and untrustworthy.

“Un” used in combination with a word indicates negation. “Un” indicates not or contrary to. “Un” indicates reversal of an action.


Untrustworthy means undependable, unreliable; not worthy of reliance or trust. Unfaithful; not true to duty, obligation or promises. Dishonest, dishonorable; deceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat, defraud or deceive. Devious, shifty; characterized by insincerity or deceit, evasive. Shady, slippery, tricky as in business. They are unscrupulous, not to be trusted.


Wrong trusts can be emotionally defeating and break you down, eventually destroying you. When you allow the enemy of your soul to use people against you and you take it without pushing that evil back, you lose your own sense of physical, mental and spiritual independence to become your best self.


The evil of others not only robs you of a better way of life, but you are brought under subjection to those who allow sin and Satan to steal their life away. That evil delusion of others takes the significance of good outcomes away from you while you are taken in bondage to their evil influence.


People are misled by training they receive that cause people to trust the untrustworthy, along with the trustworthy. Because it teaches them not to judge character but to look at the surface that is presented to them, even when they are being handed  training that represents evil objectives with a false social mask.


No one can accurately judge the inner depths of a person by a superficial look on the exterior. Because if they don't have good will for you and what you stand for in their heart, they will evilly affect you with the depths of their own wickedness.


When you trust the untrustworthy, you are being morally scammed by people who are no more than actors of a quality they do not possess. The pretenders who try to craftily deceive you to comply with their wicked ways can come from any nation, culture or religion.


You are being told to accept all people from any ideology, or mental persuasion. You are to be inclusive to all people, even when their beliefs are failing themselves, and harming others. You are being taught to accept failing precepts and principles, even when their premise of life is opposite from the basic truths you and your country stand for.


Christians are supposed to treat people well, who come from all nations, cultures and religions, but to always retain worthwhile beliefs and not to be easily persuaded to bring tormenting thoughts, misguided ideologies and actions into your thinking or life.


The enemy of your soul who is evil, takes people into mental and physical bondage through the corruption of evil. It is increased through too many people who have surrendered to the power of wickedness. The maddening virus of vicious evil that spreads exponentially as it filters through gullible minds to violently destroy people in these perilous times can also destroy a nation.


First, the enemy of your soul, takes over one's mind, to make people his puppets to do his hate filled wickedness to others. Satan lies, and moves people toward his terrible outcomes, when he's pulling the strings of their life, they will either do something to kill themselves or others.


Surrendering one's mind to destructive thoughts, destroys their mind, with the wickedness of lies, hate and murder, which is becoming so prevalent in our society. An unsound mind takes over their will, so they will subject themselves to horrendous actions of the insanity of sin.


“There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked.”   Isaiah 48:22


They remain in a delusional condition because they are confounded (stunned) by the vicious intrusion of evil attitudes in people who lack any moral restraint in their life. They remain in the confusion and delusion of breaking both man’s and God's laws, because of their lack of spiritual understanding of the truth. 


When you trust the untrustworthy it is the beginning of all your problems and robs you of all that is good in your life.


When you trust the trustworthy you are made strong!


“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.”   Proverbs 3:5


“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”     Psalms 






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There are so many powerful and inspiring passages in this book and readers will enjoy the masterful use of biblical references. One has no doubt that the author writes from a place of personal encounter with the Living Word, a place where she’s experienced the transforming power of God’s truth. I found some points to be very revelatory, such as: “We only have victory when we have overcoming faith in Jesus Christ to reveal to us the reason for the problem and how to handle it better the next time.” Victorious Faith in Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct is well-written, and the writing style is simple and conversational and very accessible. Joan Jessalyn Cox knows how to reach readers, addressing them where they most have the need, and talking about realities that will help them deepen their spiritual life.

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